• Interview Customers/Obtain Photos
  • Write Articles *
  • Approach Media for Publication  (Material is also used for testimonial advertisements)

*Includes several cover stories as well as award winning content


Brand focus groups for the University of Findlay
Led a focus group of high school students to conduct primary research for a new primary mark for the University.

Focus groups for international students at the University of Findlay
Recorded and reported data captured during focus group with Chinese students to determine factors that contributed to their college choice.

Designed/conducted focus group events for Palfinger North America.

The purpose of the events is to:

      Understand How Products Effect Customers

  • Successes/Opportunities
  • Additional Needs
  • Understand Workflows/Daily Tasks
  • Product Strengths/Weaknesses

The outcome goals for the events are to:

      Obtain Opinions/Information About Equipment

  • Results Facilitate Improvement
  • Customer Services Process Improvements
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Understand How/Why our Brand is Chosen
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction

      Obtain Market Development Information

  • Understand End User Needs/Requirements
  • Product Innovation
  • Distinguish Ourselves from Competitors


  • Establish/Implement social media tools
    • Manage multiple platforms/channels
  • Ensure employer is positively represented

I have designed, conducted and presented results for several end customer surveys.
The objectives for these includes determining customer satisfaction and customer needs.



Direct mailings
Create original content for email campaigns to generate inquiries and then nurture leads to increase conversion.

  • Lead cultivation
  • Special Offers
  • Lead follow-up/requests
  • General information
  • Increase trade show traffic



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