Transferring Soto to Soda
“Growing” Awareness About the Healing Arts
‘Transferring’ Knowledge to a Business Career
Fun-filled Internship with Friends and Football Fans
PR intern conquers fear at children’s museum
Internship “Peaks” Hoops’ interest in Colorado career
Art is a smart decision – Whitney Goller explains why

MODERN CONTRACTOR SOLUTIONS: June 2011 edition features an article I wrote for a customer that has an unusual application.  They went from moving pianos to becoming a crane service provider as well. 

CRANE HOTLINE: January 2011 issue features a cover story featuring my photography and an article co-written by myself and Lucy Perry from the Crane Hotline staff.

PALFINGER WORLD MAGAZINE: See the most recent articles I’ve written (along with stories from others) regarding Palfinger North America

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT GUIDE: Story relating to the NCCCO crane certification

Cover story for Crane Guide edition circulated nationally

UTILITY PRODUCTS MAGAZINE: An article I’d written for Linecat, Inc. won the Reader’s Choice Award.  The article was recently reprinted.





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